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Calling all US and Canadian librarians - we have a webinar for you!

Webinar: Using the Overton Index to Enhance and Diversify Discovery of Grey Literature for Collections, Course Catalog Recommendations and more

Date: May 16th, 12PM EDT/9AM PDT


Overton’s Commercial Director Terry Bucknell will run a session specifically catered to the needs of subject and research librarians. He’ll show you to use the Overton platform to enhance research and teaching in your institution.
screenshot of the overton database showing a list of documents in the index

What to expect

Terry will demo the Overton Index – the world’s biggest public policy and grey literature database.
With Overton, you can explore millions of documents from governments, IGOs, think tanks and NGOs (any document written by or for policymakers or published by a policy-focused source) linked to all the evidence it references.
  • Learn how to use the Overton Index as a discovery tool to research public policy and get materials for teaching – Terry will demonstrate how to find policy reports and grey literature on a wide range of topics.
  • Dive deeper into the policy documents and learn what evidence underpins policy decisions – you’ll see how to navigate to the other materials cited in these documents to find out how policymakers have been influenced by other research and policy.

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