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Track the influence of your research on real world policy

Overton collects millions of policy documents and links them to the research, people and other policy documents that they quote or reference. You can quickly see where research you have funded is being used in policy and identify opportunities for future research.

Report on where the research you have funded has influenced real world policymaking

Track the policy mentions of the research you have funded on an ongoing basis

Find and assess the evidence in different policy areas to identify gaps

Identify groups and individual researchers who have a track record of impact in different policy areas

Why Overton? 

We’re the world’s largest searchable policy database, typically returning 3x more data than similar products – we’re especially strong in the social sciences and clinical and translational medicine.

We track everything from white papers to think tank policy briefs to national clinical guidelines, and automatically find the references to scholarly research, academics and other outputs. We look for the names of any researchers on expert panels, who are quoted in policy documents, who give evidence to committee hearings and more.

Importantly we also find the links between policy documents – often research is picked up by intermediaries like think tanks and agencies – giving you unparalleled insight into how your research is being used by policymakers worldwide.

What do you get?

  • Access to over 9.3M full text policy documents and guidelines from 32,000 organisations in 188 countries
  • Our powerful web interface which allows you to search full text, track specific DOIs, PMIDs & ISBNs or individual researchers and to get an overview of your organisation’s policy impact
  • Friendly, responsive support from a team who are passionate about evidence-informed policy and the researchers driving it
  • Summary reports, Powerpoint slides and email alerts to stay on top of and quickly report on new policy that references your work
  • CSV exports, RSS feeds and API access to quickly bring the data into your own systems
  • The ability to request new sources of data to be tracked: we commit to quickly add up to 7 sources within 7 days for you each year
  • Access options for organisations and teams

Our clients include

Plus several institutional clients across Asia Pacific, North America and Europe

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Overton is the world’s largest searchable index of policy documents, guidelines, think tank publications and working papers.

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