About Overton

Overton is a friendly, forward looking start-up with big ambitions to support evidence-based policymaking across the world. We have built a pioneering platform that allows users to discover more than 6 million policy documents and their links to each other, to academic papers and to relevant people and topics. 

We work with leading global universities, IGOs, NGOs, research funders, publishers and think tanks to understand their role in the policymaking landscape – tracking the evolution of ideas all the way from academic and think tank research, through knowledge brokers and other intermediaries, to government reports and legislation.

Our team

Euan Adie, Founder and Director

Euan is the managing director of Overton, which he founded in 2019. He previously founded and spent six years growing Altmetric, which is now owned by Digital Science, and before that worked at Nature Publishing Group and as a researcher in medical genetics (despite not knowing how to hold a pipette properly) at the University of Edinburgh. 

Terry Bucknell, Commercial Director

Terry is the sales guy. He cut his sales teeth at Digital Science, where he met Euan. Prior to that he worked in academic libraries for 17 years. He’s still a librarian at heart who gets a kick out of helping people to find the stuff they need. Terry’s first degree was in Physics and he started three PhDs (without ever writing a word of a thesis) before he became a librarian.

Jennifer Glover, Head of Operations

Jennifer keeps things running smoothly at Overton, turning her hand to anything from marketing to finance to recruitment depending on what the day brings – such is life in a startup! Before joining Overton, she worked at think tank LGIU helping councils create and influence government policy and at company intelligence platform Beauhurst during its startup phase. Jennifer has an MSc in Public Policy from Birkbeck College.

Angel Luis Jaso Tamame, Data Scientist

At Overton we have a LOT of data and Angel keeps it all under control. His background is in molecular biology, having completed his PhD at Imperial College and his MSc at the University of Madrid, and he previously worked at the Medical Research Council and the EU Commission.

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