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Overton is the world’s largest searchable index of policy documents, guidelines, think tank publications and working papers.

It collects data from 182 countries and over a thousand sources worldwide with more being added all the time.

We parse each document, finding references, people and key concepts, and then link them to the relevant news stories, academic research, think tank output and other policy.

Our products allow you to search these documents and see where your ideas, papers, reports and staff are being cited or mentioned.

We can help you to discover where your work may be influencing or changing practice in the real world.




Overton is a web based application that allows you to search and browse our database of policy - and the research it is linked to.
Use powerful filters to see policy from specific countries or from government sources only, or filter by any think tank, publisher, journal or institution to see only those policy documents that cite their work.
Export the data to Excel, use a flexible API to integrate with other systems or tag, organize and save your searches within the app itself.


For universities
See where your academic work is cited in policy
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Priced by research intensity

    Site license access to the world's largest curated collection of policy documents

    See all of the policy citing research from your institution

    Discover how your researchers are engaging with policy, through publications and in person

    Organize policy by Sustainable Development Goal, topic, year and more

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For think tanks, IGOs and agencies
Find experts, search policy and see where your publications are being cited by government
$1,800 - $7,200
a year, priced by publication volume

    Help measure your reach by finding which governments and other organizations are citing your work

    Benchmark yourself against similar organizations

    Find academic experts for workshops, invited contributions or speaking slots

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One off reports and data
For consultancies, annual reports and research projects
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Based on data volume

    Access the underlying policy document data in CSV or JSON format

    Use a local copy of the database to run your own analyses

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