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Overton collects millions of policy documents and links them to the research, people and other policy documents that cite them.  You can quickly see where your work may be influencing or changing practice in the real world.

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See where your research is being used by governments and policymakers 

Report on your policy impact to stakeholders

Get alerted to the latest mentions of your organisation in policy

Monitor emerging policy debates that you could help to shape

Make sure your work is citing a wide range of reputable sources

Discover policy documents from around the world and manage them in one place

Overton gives you

  • Access to over 11M full text policy documents from 32,000 organisations in 188 countries
  • The ability to search for topics, universities, specific DOIs, PMIDs & ISBNs or individual researchers to get an overview of your organisation’s policy activity
  • Sophisticated filters and analysis tools which help you fulfil complex searches and evaluate data more comprehensively
  • Responsive and comprehensive support from our friendly team of experts
  • Summary reports, Powerpoint slides and email alerts to keep track and report on new mentions of your work in policy
  • CSV exports, RSS feeds and API access to bring the data into your own systems
  • Our commitment to constantly update and grow our database – we will add up to 7 sources within 7 days for you each year
  • Team or site licence subscriptions available. Contact us to find out more

Who are Overton? 

We’re the world’s largest searchable policy database, typically returning 3x more data than similar products. Our platform is truly global, collecting policy documents from over 188 countries and dozens of different languages.

We then automatically find the references to scholarly research and mentions of academics by name. Importantly we also find the links between policy documents – often research is picked up by intermediaries like think tanks and agencies before being cited by other policy sources – giving you unparalleled insight into how your organisation is influencing decision-makers.

We characterise a ‘policy document’ as a ‘publication written by or primarily for policymakers’. This means we track everything from white papers, draft bills and transcripts from governments to things like policy briefs from think tanks, working papers from central banks and even clinical guidelines from health agencies. This is a broad definition that gives a clearer picture of the way ideas and influence spread through different policy actors and sources.

Learn how evidence informs decisions. Discover the biggest collection of policy documents and hard to find grey literature. Track impact and evidence your organisation’s influence. Overton brings transparency to policymaking.

Our clients include

Plus several leading think tanks, charities and intergovernmental organisations across Asia Pacific, North America and Europe

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