Academic Supporter Plan

Access for non-commercial research purposes

Overton is a young start-up supported entirely by customers and collaborators. It is not externally funded which gives us the freedom to experiment with a mix of commercial and non-profit models.

Our team all have academic backgrounds. We love seeing our data used in non-commercial academic research and access to Overton and use of the data for this purpose is free.

But we do need your help – if you have a budget for tools, data or services then we ask that you please subscribe to our Academic Supporter Plan, which helps us to maintain and improve Overton. 

We’ve tried to make this as quick and easy as possible: the Supporter Plan is $1,320 / £945 a year (non-recurring: just choose to opt-in or not this time next year) and payable by credit card or bank transfer.

To sign up to the Academic Supporter Plan, please complete this form. Once we have your details, we will set up your account and send you an invoice and payment details.


Will I receive an invoice?

Yes, once you complete the form above we will email you an invoice which will contain instructions for how to pay by bank transfer or credit card.

My institution requires a purchase order number to be included on invoices

No problem – either include a PO number in the form above, or send it via email when we get in touch to switch on the account.

Can we get a group subscription for the department?

Yes: contact us separately at as we can help make it easier for you to ensure everybody gets access afterwards.

Will the subscription automatically renew?

No. We’ll email you when the year is up but won’t charge your credit card again unless you ask us to.