Sage Policy Profiles launched

Overton has collaborated with Sage Publishing to create a free tool to help researchers track and showcase their policy impact

Sage Policy Profiles enables users to easily monitor their policy citations and mentions. With a user-friendly interface and personalised dashboard, individuals can visualise their data, export it for various applications, and share their impact with ease.

This provides a simple way for researchers and academics to find and extract their policy mentions, for use in promotion/tenure applications as well as funding proposals.

We were really excited to partner with Sage. Not only because they are the world’s leading social science publisher, but also because they’re such a mission driven company. They set out to ‘help social and behavioural science make a positive impact on the world’. This really aligns with our ethos at Overton so the collaboration was a natural fit. Both organisations want to reshape how research impact is understood and measured, beyond conventional metrics

Euan Adie – Overton Director

In order to foster widespread use of Sage Policy Profiles, the tool is available free of charge in the hopes of empowering researchers with more insights into the mechanisms of policy influence, as well as helping to change the conversation around scholarly impact.

Unlike the primary Overton product, Sage Policy Profiles is made for individual users, as it focuses on a single user’s research-to-policy citations so only tracks personal impact

euan adie – overton director

It differs from the main Overton app in that it does not offer advanced policy discovery tools or extensive policy-to-policy citations, so isn’t suitable for studying policy influence or trends in a more general way, or for finding and analysing grey literature. Instead it provides a streamlined view of data for a more focused understanding of individual research impact.

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