Overton to fund policy research

Overton is giving away £10,000 to finance projects that generate knowledge in the field of policy

Overton has launched the Policy Data Micro Grant 2023. It is intended to support and recognise researchers or professional staff members who are working to expand our understanding of the research/policy sphere. 

Projects can be exploratory or explanatory, quantitative or qualitative academic. However the focus must be on policy engagement, impact assessment or evidence use in policy.

“Our company’s mission is to improve decision making around the world. A big part of this is to enhance our understanding of the links between research and policy so that we can improve how policymakers and scholars collaborate”

Euan Adie – Overton Director

The grants represent Overton’s efforts to support evidence-based policymaking by making the mechanisms of policy engagement more transparent.

The funding is intended for short, tightly scoped projects that have a concrete output. Each project can win up to a maximum of £5,000 from a total pot of £10,000. The successful bids will also get free access to Overton’s data for the duration of their research.

Projects should answer a compelling, well-defined research question with a measurable outcome. There must be a concrete output, for example a report, poster, dataset, paper or blog post.

The application deadline is 1 December 2023, and the funding decision should be communicated by 12 January 2024.

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