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Quickly see which of your papers have been cited in policy

Overton is a large searchable index of policy literature: government documents, guidelines, IGO and NGO reports, think tank research, central bank working papers and more. It collects from hundreds of sources worldwide.
Journal Alerts gives you access to all of Overton's data for a single journal, allowing you to see exactly which articles have been cited and where.

Search by keyword or filter by:

  • Article metadata
  • Author affiliations
  • Policy area or topic
  • Source types (healthcare agency, legislative research unit, think tank…) and countries
  • & more

Answer questions like:

  • Which of our papers have been cited by the UK government?
  • Which of our climate change papers are being cited the most in policy?
  • Can we see evidence of policy outreach projects working?
  • What contexts are we being cited in?

Explore by policy source or topic

Switch views to see a list of policy documents that cite your journal. Search by keyword or filter by policy source type, name, topics and more. Contextual snippets under each policy document show which paper was cited and links let you jump straight to the relevant page of the policy document PDF.

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